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Clinical Trials

PLENVU® achieved superior colon cleansing compared to MOVIPREP® using evening/morning dosing1

Rate of successful overall bowel preparation in the per protocol population*1

Adapted from Bisschops R, et al. 20191

PLENVU® doubled high-quality cleansing rates in the right colon vs MOVIPREP® (p<0.001)1,4

Rate of high-quality and adequate cleansing in the right colon in the mFAS population4

Adapted from DOF-PLENV-001. July 20194

ESGE recommendation

The ESGE strongly recommend using high- or low-volume PEG regimens or non-PEG-based regimens that have been clinically validated.†5

*Successful overall bowel preparation was defined as grade A or B using the Harefield Cleansing Scale.
†In patients at high risk for hydroelectrolyte disturbances, the choice of laxative should be individualised.

/: evening/morning dosing, /: morning/morning dosing, ESGE: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, LCL: lower confidence limit, mFAS: modified full analysis set.

Study design

Real-world evidence

PLENVU® was significantly more effective than 2L and 4L PEG2

Rate of successful bowel preparation2

Adapted from Maida M, et al. 20202

PLENVU® doubled the high-quality cleansing rate in the right colon vs 2L and 4L PEG2

Rate of high-quality cleansing in the right colon2

Adapted from Maida M, et al. 20202

*Cleansing data were not available for 41 patients across the treatment arms.

All treatments were administered using afternoon/afternoon or afternoon/morning dosing.

Study design

GL-GE-PLV-2100023. July 2021.

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