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PLENVU® was designed for efficacy whilst maximising patient adherence1

Patients have to drink less in total with PLENVU® than NaPic + MgCit, MOVIPREP® (PEG 3350 + sodium ascorbate + ascorbic acid +sodium sulfate + electrolytes), trisulfate or 4L PEG2-6

The different-flavoured doses2 are designed to aid adherence:

  • First dose – mango-flavoured2
  • Second dose – fruit punch-flavoured2

PLENVU® has been developed to be straightforward for patients to prepare and take2



98.7% of
patients were
adherent with
PLENVU® in a
real-world study

*Adherence was defined as taking ≥75% of each dose of bowel preparation.All treatments were administered using /: afternoon/afternoon or /: afternoon/morning dosing. 95.9% (n=566) for 2L PEG and 93.1% (n=490) for 4L PEG.7

Flexible dosing options2

All PLENVU® dosing options provide successful overall bowel preparation, but best results were seen using evening/morning dosing1,8,9

Following each dose, patients should take 500mL of clear fluids of their choice2

ESGE recommendation

The ESGE strongly recommends using a split-dose
regimen, starting the last dose of bowel preparation
within 5 hours of colonoscopy and completing it at
least 2 hours before the procedure.10

/: evening/evening, /: evening/morning, /: morning/morning,
ESGE: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Developed to be straightforward for patients to prepare and take2

PLENVU® consists of 2 doses; the first is contained in 1 sachet and the second in 2 sachets2

Each dose of PLENVU® should be prepared by mixing the contents of the sachet(s) with water to make up to 500mL2

Each dose of PLENVU® should be drunk slowly over 30 minutes, followed by 500mL of clear fluids within the following 30 minutes*2

3 in 4 patients found PLENVU® very easy to take in a real-world study (n=1598)†11


*Clear fluids include water, clear soup, fruit juice without pulp, soft drinks, tea and/or coffee without milk.
†Ease of preparing and taking PLENVU® was evaluated using a 9-point scale. 'Very easy' was defined as a score of 7–9 (76.1% of patients), 'medium' level of difficulty was defined as a score of 4–6 (15.3% of patients), and 'very difficult' was defined as a score of 1–3 (8.6% of patients).11

Patients have to drink less in total with PLENVU® than other bowel preparations2-6

Clear fluids


1 litre
1 litre

Total volume
2 litres2


4 litres

Total volume
4 litres3


1 litre
2 litres

Total volume
3 litres4

NaPic + MgCit

3 litres

Total volume
3.3 litres*5


2 litres
1 litre

Total volume
3 litres6

*Different formulations of NaPic + MgCit may have different total volumes.

GL-GE-PLV-2100025. June 2021.

Adverse events should be reported to your regulatory agency. Adverse events should also be reported to either your local distributor, Norgine Limited, Norgine House, Moorhall Road, Harefield, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB9 6NS, United Kingdom or by emailing